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Wordpress Pros and Cons - Should We Use It?

Wordpress Pros and Cons - Should We Use It?

Nov 30, 2020
I consider that there is no one, who has not heard about WordPress. There are millions of active WordPress websites in the world and the number continues to increase.

In this article, we are trying to find answer of question - is WordPress suitable for you or not?

Although WordPress is generally quite useful, the situation may change based on your needs.

Here are the reasons why WordPress is not available to you:


One of the issues that affect Google search results is the website opening speed.

When we talk about WordPress, unfortunately the news is not good. There is a difference between the site written by a software developer and the WordPress site. Because a software developer does not use unnecessary codes, it is more satisfying in terms of speed. WordPress has too many codes based on its structure and all of these codes are not necessary for everyone. It is a convenient platform for a simpler site.

Unnecessary and codes you will never use make slow down your site!


With WordPress you can create a website in any style you want. However, it should be kept in mind that each platform has a very successful category and e-commerce is not one of the most powerful aspects of WordPress.

If you want to set up an e-commerce site with WordPress, there is no barrier in front of you. First of all, it is enough to get an e-commerce website and a successful e-commerce plug-in. However, everything is not so simple.

They are reporting tools that make e-commerce platforms more successful. In other words, customer reports, membership information, payment options, marketing offers, financial data in control panel are the distinguishing features of the good platforms.


Another disadvantage of WordPress is security issues. WordPress, which is open source, is therefore more insecure than custom software. People who want to attempt hacking can get to know the structure well.

WordPress is a profitable option for any business. However, Custom Website is a single-window for easily publishing an interactive web portal. You can delight numerous alternatives, flexible and customization on your website.