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Website Maintenance in 7 Steps

Website Maintenance in 7 Steps

Nov 30, 2020
Keep your website up and running, safe and secure by following these 7 website maintenance tips!

Creating a website doesn't mean you're done. Websites also require periodic maintenance. There are some tasks related to maintenance. You can do these tasks annually, monthly, or weekly.

Annual Website Maintenance Tasks

1. User testing

You've worked to give the best experience for your users , they've ever had. However, users' requests and the way they use the web are constantly changing. Imagine how web sites, which were created 10 years ago and are quite intuitive on time, can offer an experience for users at the moment. So, check your website once a year for usability to understand that it's still intuitive for users and works seamlessly on all devices.

Be sure to opt for your brand or business contacts while testing, and also include all browsers and devices in the test. Thus, you will be able to see the full picture.

3 Month Website Maintenance Tasks

2. Test your checkout process

The most important function of many websites is that they involve the checkout process. Do some tests at least every 3 months to see how the process works. Be sure to do tests on different devices and browsers.

3. Test all website forms

You must make sure that your website is running if any contact form is available for visitors to fill in. If any of your forms are not working properly, you may be missing out on potential customers. So try to identify the problem when it has not yet occurred.

4. Fix Broken Links

A user is really disappointed when a link is clicked and redirected to a 404 page. Troubled links make your website and brand a bad impression, Problematic links make your website and your brand a bad impression, offer a bad user experience, and keep visitors away from you.

So check your broken links on your website every few months. Remove or replace with current links.

Also, this process is very easy. There is a free option that automatically performs these operations, such as Google Search Console.

Monthly Website Maintenance Tasks

5. Pay attention to security updates

Protecting your website from cyber-attackers is a very important priority for everyone. Especially if you have an e-commerce website, you will have even greater responsibility for your customers' data. Therefore, you should check all the stages, add-ins and scripts of your website and make sure they are up to date.

6. Back Up Your Website Regularly

It is all about us : you are working on a project all day long and suddenly something goes wrong and you are losing your project.

Sometimes cyber attackers can give permanent damage to your website. In such cases, if you do backup everything, it will be much easier to return.

Weekly Website Maintenance Tasks

7. View your Metrics

Google Analytics provides you with useful information by explaining how users find and use your website. Stay connected to this information and make sure your website fulfills your wishes. Once a week, log in to Analytics to keep track of what's going on and what needs to be improved.


Website maintenance is just as important as car maintenance. These maintenance increases the availability of your website and saves you time and money in a long term. Note the tasks listed above and stick to them. It is the best way for your website and you.

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