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HTML codes and their importance for SEO

HTML codes and their importance for SEO

Nov 30, 2020
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the name of the text language given to all of the codes used for browsers to understand web pages. Let me draw your attention, it is not a programming language. We can’t write programs only with HTML codes.

In this article, we will talk about the most used codes for SEO, not all codes.

HTML Title Tag

Imagine you are writing 100 different books, but they are in the same title. How will people understand that they are on different topics? However, if we use different titles, the readers will be able to easily understand what the books are about. Here's what does the title tag mean for search engines.

HTML headers are always the most important HTML signal that search engines use to understand what a page is. If we use the same title tag on different pages, this will confuse the search engines. It should also be noted that, the keyword is always on the title tag. If possible, it should be in the first place.

Meta Description Tag

One of the oldest supported HTML elements, the meta description tag allows you to suggest how your pages are defined in search lists. If the HTML title is equivalent to a book title, the meta description is similar to the back cover text of the book.

SEO experts say that the meta description tag is not a ranking factor and actually doesn't help your pages to rank higher. This is partly true. The description tag is not a ranking factor, but we can say it is a success factor.

A meta description with searched words (written in bold) can attract the user's attention. A well-crafted meta description may cause the user to visit your site. Therefore, it is logical that the meta description tag is considered as a success factor.

Header Tags

Header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) are a formal way of defining the main parts of a web page. Search engines use title tags as hints about the subject of a page. If the words you'd like to find are in the title tags, you will see them higher in the search results.

The hierarchical use of title tags is important for search engines. To use H1 tag firstly, then H2, H3 will give you advantages. The important point here is that you should use the H1 tag at one time, and the H2 tag four times at most.