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A Web site has become an integral part of modern medical practice today. Your patients are online and

search what they need on the Web. Building doctor web sites lets you provide different online medical

services for your patients and makes you more accessible.

With WebsiteCA, it is so simple and effortless to get a doctor website in great looking designs and value-

added services, depending on your needs.

- E-Appointment Module

With the appointment scheduler, your patients can easily make an appointment and you can easily

follow them.

- Question & Answer Module

You get questions from your patients and answer them. You can also publish your questions on your

website, if you wish.

- Membership Module

You can follow your patients through the membership module and send them private messages.

- Patient Dossiers

Store and review detailed profiles of each of your patients.

- Online Payments

Let your patients choose their preferred payment method.

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